Friday, June 5, 2009

"30 Rock" or "Leeds Preserves Her Own Rice Bowl"

I've finally bought the DVDs for 30 Rock, since it's been recommended to me by a number of people. I admit, I really don't know much about it. Thankfully I have the program description on the back of the DVD to help me out. Here it is copied in its entirety:

The chief screenwriter is not good does. Must worry the script to be obsolete, must worry that the viewing ratio is not good. If high-level has the little change, under will look like the donminoes equally to have the consecutive reaction along with it, finally will make a snowman likely is the same, evolves bad and the abomoinable Italian chaotic condition. "I for Comedy Crazy" the leading lady am meeting such life difficult position, although has the magnificent reputation. Is works as red comedy Xiu chief screenwriter. However was old boss to die of illness recently, takes office newly the new boss seems is not too recognizes her style, in addition in the program these size stars are also troublesome very much, all of a sudden let leading lady Leeds be tired out from the press. However regardless of how the worry, the life can also continue, should bow also to bow. Therefore to preserve own rice bowl, also to defend oneself chief screenwriter's dignity, in a metropolis the white-collar may meet frequently the scene started. How to maintain own individuality, and can simultaneously maintain the comfortable livelihood, this is not a gate relaxed curriculum, even if is the body is the chief screenwriter, the work place sways back and forth many year Leeds, must graduate also the non-easy matter.

I'm ready to watch.

(Link to Don's post about Chinese DVDs here)


ferskner said...

That sounds like it's straight from Tracy Jordan's mouth.

Elizabeth said...

Oh man, what a crack up. The "preserves her own rice bowl" part is the BEST!

Roddy said...

The more I read this review, the more sense it make. Persistent ringing in eyeball. Up-down slo-mo. Hair jumbo shrimp. Petula Clark.

LaPlej (The Complex) said...

30 Rock is purely ... awesomeness. But then again I am biased. Not for any particular reason, but my comment is. AWESOMENESS!